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Meet Pastor Calvin Wainright
Pastor Calvin C. Wainright has served as Founder and Pastor (alongside his wife) of Heaven Sent Outreach Ministries since 2003.  He is widely known for his heart and service in outreach as he leads both his family and church family beyond the four walls of our traditional church buildings to serve and be a blessing to others.
Pastor Calvin answered his call to the gospel ministry in 2002.  He has also served as a trusted mentor, counselor, coach, surrogate father and friend to countless young men as he worked professionally for over 13 years as the Youth Development Director for the Don Bosco Community Center.  His call to ministry began as he poured into the lives of young people building their skills in the game of basketball while empowering them to become more than just “ball players”.  He has also served in various mentoring capacities throughout the city in leading Male Responsibility Projects.
He later worked at the Kansas City Free Health Clinic as a Prevention Specialist where he developed a passion and heart for HIV/AIDS Ministry.  He currently continues his ministry to young people and others in need through his service as a Site Coordinator for the Greater Kansas City Local Investment Commission (LINC). Pastor Calvin is a committed, loving husband and father who puts God, his family and his ministry as priorities in his life.  
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