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Pastor Cassandra Wainright has experienced much and contrasts her life and identifies most with the lives of Joseph and David in the Bible.

Pastor Sandy wrote her first book titled:
"There's A Story Behind My Praise"  
and if asked, her concluding statement concerning who she really is would be: 
“I am a friend of God who has a story behind my praise!”
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Taking It to the Pews
“TIPS” is a grant initiative developed by Pastor Eric D. Williams and the Calvary Community Outreach Network (CCON) www.ccon-kc.org to engage local churches in spreading the message of compassion, education and care for those infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. TIPS' mission is to educate and bring awareness of this disease to the church community and create avenues for church Pastors to lead their congregations in becoming involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Heaven Sent has been an active  part of this initiative since 2006.
Please also visit the website of Tiede (Tabby) Bibbs at: http://www.MYhivBLESSING.com to witness first-hand how those affected by HIV are not only "Taking It To the Pews" but to the streets as well! 
Heaven Sent's “Do It Big” Youth Ministry is an active group of youth ages 4 to 15 years-old. They plan and are in charge of the 5th Sunday services at The Sent. “Do It Big” hosts various youth outreach events and are actively engaged in community service by serving the homeless and under served population.“Do It Big”consists of youth who have the same struggles as other youth and are seeking out God's truth as they walk their young journeys out. 
Heaven Sent takes very seriously the call to Marriage Ministry.  Having gone through marriage and divorce  themselves, Pastors Calvin & Sandy dedicate themselves fully to counsel, encourage and intercede for marriages in and outside the church. Heaven Sent hosts what has come to be known as “Chat & Chew” marriage sessions where couples are free to come  engage in intimate marital discussions while dining in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Pastors Wainright's commitment and dedication to this particular ministry stems from the pain and difficulty of transitioning through broken marital relationships themselves.  They are totally transparent and pour so much into this particular area of ministry because they don't want others to experience the things they did in past relationships.      
                SINGLES MINISTRY
The Singles Ministry of Heaven Sent is known as “S.W.A.T.” (Singles With A Testimony).  This particular outreach ministry was birthed in July 2008 and seeks to meet unmarried individuals (both saved and unsaved) where they are.  SWAT desires to encourage individuals to be content AND SATISFIED in their single state until such time that God  will send them their "good thing!"
"Ladies of Distinction"
The "Ladies of Distinction" (LOD) is the unique women's ministry of Heaven Sent.  Having been launched in 2003, the LOD extends its' arms in outreach to women everywhere.  The LOD's mission is to serve and be a blessing to God's leading ladies and empower women to believe they are what God says about them.  The LOD partners with other women ministry groups to encourage ministries in this great work. 
It Ain't Over
Maurette Brown-Clark
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