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An Invitation To Accept Christ Into Your Life
If there is a yearning and a desire for you to come into right relationship with God, we invite you to accept Christ into your life. Because we believe that the only way to the Father is through His Son, Jesus Christ, we encourage you to speak the words found below aloud.  Keep in mind that this is your own personal relationship with the Savior so use your own words to declare the following:
Lord Jesus, I thank you that I now recognize my need for a Savior. I am asking you to come into my heart on today. Lord, I ask you to forgive me for all my sins and I thank you for dying on the cross just for me! I ask You to live Your life through me in Jesus' Name!  Amen!  If you have done this, you are now a Christian; born again and fit for the Master's Use!  Now that's Good News!!
What's After Salvation?
Now that you have accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, you must begin to walk your journey out as a newborn Christian. Will the walk be easy?  NO!  Will all your troubles and struggles be over?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! We hear you....so now you ask "if nothing is easy as a Christian, tell me what's the point in me getting saved and accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior?"  We're glad you asked....Because it is the best and most important decision you will ever make!  Living your life for the Lord and knowing that He is going before you and fighting battles on your behalf gives you a blessed assurance that He will never leave nor forsake you!   God makes a promise that no one else can keep - He will always be right there!
Your Job Description As A New Christian
As a new Christian, you now have some responsibilities.  Just as if you were starting a brand new job, you are starting a brand new walk.  Your new walk requires some things of you.  Your "New Walk" requirements:
1)  Get in spiritual shape by taking time to read your Bible!  It is your road map; your student manual.  We suggest start by reading the Book of St. John and the Book of Romans.  These two Books of the Bible will show you how much Christ loves you and will help you better understand the transition you have made.  Whenever you read God's Word, ask the Holy Spirit to give you clarity and understanding of what you have read. 
2)  Commune with God daily throughout the day - that's the beautiful simplicity of prayer.  You can talk with Him just like you would talk with your best friend.  If you begin a daily routine of spending quality time with Him, that is just what HE will become - your Best Friend!  There is nothing you can't ask or tell Him!  He understands you better than anyone else ever will.
3)  Ask God to send you an accountability partner.  This partner could be a Pastor, a Christian mentor or Christian friend.  Become a part of a local church ministry where you can learn, receive godly instruction and hear the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
4)  As you are learning God's Word, ask the Lord to show you ways that you can serve Him and help build His Kingdom.  Witness to others; share your personal testimony of how you came to accept Christ.  Your testimony will help to bring others to the Lord!  Get ready to take flight....you are well on your way in growing in your 'new walk'!
I Give Myself Away
William McDowell
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