Heaven Sent Outreach Ministries - "A Place Where Everyone Can Belong"
The vision that God has provided for:
Heaven Sent Outreach Ministries
cannot be contained within a four-wall edifice of any kind. Because our work, purpose and mission is for evangelism and outreach, we extend ourselves to areas where our services are needed the most. 
At Heaven Sent Outreach Ministries, it is our vision to minister to the total man: physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  If we can meet God's people right where they are – at their point of need – and direct them to God's love; His healing and His redemptive power, then we will have accomplished a job well done.
Our vision is to open a community center which consists of a learning center, clothing and food pantries; provide transitional housing; a re-entry program for  those who have been incarcerated; to develop means, resources and methods to build the total man; to continue to enhance our work with youth as well as to further and expand our partnerships with other ministries and/or organizations both here and abroad.
He's Able
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